What others are saying about Healthy Addictions

The product is great and the owners are even better!
Jim DeShayes (07.03.11)

A great business run by an amazing family!
jcolbert2 (07.03.11)

This is an awesome family run business dedicated to delivering great service.
MelanieMush (07.03.11)

Amazing customer service and fantastic product! 3 Best in Northern Colorado!
Local (07.03.11)

Excellent customer service plus fantastic products equals the best business in the area!
REH (07.03.11)

Great products. Hard-working, wonderful Christian owners.
ELR (07.02.11)

Great business to emulate. They're 'killin it'.
numnumfoods (06.30.11)

Fort Collins, COSuper yummy food brought to you by people who care!
Lori the Realtor (06.30.11)

They are the best.
anutsue (06.30.11)

Snack food that are yummy and healthy.
dg (06.29.11)

Providing healthful alternatives
Lollypalooza (06.29.11)

I love their snacks! Especially the coconut bars!
SemiMono (06.29.11)

Healthy Addictions are the best snack! They really hit the spot on a hot day in the summertime. But we love them all year round. The Cunninghams are wonderful people.
Susie (06.29.11)

I absolutely love this company and the products they sell! They are delicious and healthy! It can't get better than that!
RitaVeras (06.29.11)

The owners, Kim and Regis are incredibly hard workers and are completely dedicated to their customers! The products are extremely high quality and tasty to boot! 🙂
Brendan E. (06.29.11)

Honest, super hard-working owners selling a superior product that's an alternative to vending machine junk food. Helping Americans eat better!
NEE (06.29.11)

Great business owners
DT (06.29.11)

The owners have great integrity and do good work!
FW (06.29.11)

Awesome product and service, can't go wrong...
RD (06.29.11)

Great snack food and Healthy too.
Bruce (06.29.11)

How can you go wrong with healthy snacks? Timely, with nice variety, and excellent service!
sjs (06.29.11)

The Cunninghams are wonderful people and work hard to make anything you do with them very good.
Evey (06.29.11)

Excellent product & excellent service!
Len (06.29.11)

Great tasting healthy snacks!!! Really friendly and awesome service!!!! What more can I say...
Jim (06.29.11)

Great healthy alternative snack. Delicious!
Missy (06.29.11)

Healthy Addiction products are delicious and the service is exceptional!
Sew Creative (06.29.11)

Excellent products and exceptional service -- what more could you ask for?
Rita (06.29.11)

Very professional and pleasant to deal with. Makes me happy to eat healthy!!
Joni (06.29.11)