Fully Loaded Popcorn®

Formerly known as Rocky Mountain Popcorn, now rebranded as Open Road Snacks – we make Fully Loaded Popcorn to bring you the FluffyCrunchy™ kernels that give the crunch and satisfaction any popcorn worth its salt should.

Rocky Mountain Popcorn

Classic Butter does your standard bucket of movie popcorn one better..

Jalapeno Cheddar packs a punch that lands right in between “ooooh, yeah” and “hey, that’s got a little pep!”

Bare Naked is ready and eager to surprise with its colossal crunch and salty prowess.

White Cheddar - Savory white cheddar combined with masterful attention to perfectly popped, FluffyCrunchy™ kernels.

Caramel Crunch - Our Fully Loaded Caramel Crunch popcorn is pure taste nirvana. Tear open a bag and get a taste. Right now.

Whether you’re going for a quick jaunt or a long haul, take our advice and take a minute to stop and grab a snack. And wherever you’re headed, yummy trails to you.