Country Archer Jerky

In 1977, a butcher and artisan named Celestino “Charlie” Mirarchi started making jerky. Charlie was definitely a doer. In fact, he was so busy making jerky that he couldn’t devote much time to selling it. So, his snacks remained a hidden gem—until Eugene and Susan Kang discovered it at a roadside stand on a trip to the Grand Canyon. They loved the jerky so much they decided to track down the maker. Soon, the trio went into business together—with a mission to share their meaty secret with the world.

Slowly but surely, more and more people found Country Archer jerky, and their snacks found their way into specialty grocers and other outlets. Fans started asking for variety, and so they channeled their passion into new recipes. And while they could have taken shortcuts, they chose to go with what we know. True to Charlie’s tradition, they still craft each batch with grass-fed beef, cage-free turkey, and quality pork.