Bobo’s Baked Goods

Bobo's baked goods are a delicious and wholesome snack you can enjoy at home or on the go. Check out all the available products and flavors the whole family will enjoy!

Make by hand in Boulder, CO.  Baked to perfection - everything they make is fresher and tastier because they bake it. Wholesome - baked with wholesome, real ingredients to keep you going.

Each bar begins with four simple ingredients; ones that you can find in your own kitchen cabinet. After all, that's where we originally got them when Bobo and her mom made their very first batch!

Whole Grain Oats and a Whole Lotta Love

Bobo's started with - and still uses – four simple ingredients found in our kitchen and yours. Each one of our oat bar ingredients is gluten-free, vegan, Certified Non-GMO, and made from 100% organic whole grains. All without boring the daylights out of your taste buds.

Every snack is packed full of energy to keep you going through the day, and full of flavors that keep you begging for more. If the words "come and get it" and the smell of homemade baked goods bring back mouthwatering memories, we consider you family.  And when you're feeding loved ones, which in our case includes each and every one of you, you simply can’t stomach using anything but the best.

  • 100% Organic Whole Grain Oats
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Whole Cane Sugar
  • Brown Rice Syrup


Oat Bars

Stuff'd Oat Bars